Spring Steel
1.JIS—Japanese Industrial Standards:JIS G4801,
2. AISI— American Iron and Steel Institute:AISI 9254
3.DIN— Deutsches Institut für Normung:DIN 60SICR
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Material Description

With a carbon content of 0.53-0.58 and a high SI of 1.30-1.60, spring steel is a special alloy steel used for the production of various types of springs and other elastic components. According to performance requirements and usage conditions, it can be divided into ordinary alloy spring steel and special alloy spring steel. Spring steels have an excellent combination of properties, excellent metallurgical quality (high purity and homogeneity), good surface quality, precise shape and dimensions for spring materials, such as motorcycle coil springs, suspension springs.
Common Materials: 9254, 60SICRV, SUP3-12, 9254C

Process introduction

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Used in spring materials, such as coil springs for motorcycles, suspension springs.

Industrial Needles

Door Stop Spring

Grease nipple



Chemical Composition

SAE 9254 Spring Steel ( Main application: automobile spiral shock absorber spring, suspension spring )

Grade Chemical Composition: %
C Si Mn P S Ni Cr CU Mo
SAE9254 0.53~0.58 1.30~1.60 0.60~0.80 0.030 or below 0.030 or below 0.20 or below 0.60~0.80 0.20 or below 0.06 or below

SAE Sring Steel Chemical Composition Table

UNS SAE Chemical Composition %
C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo Others
G92590 9259 0.56~0.64 0.75~1.00 Below 0.030   0.70~1.10 - 0.45~0.65 -  
G92600 9260 1.80~2.20

JIS G4801 Spring Steel Chemical Composition Table

Chemical Composition %
C Si Mn P(1) S(1) Cr Others
SUP 6 0.56~0.64 1.50~1.80 0.70~1.00 0.030 or below 0.030 or below - -
SUP 7 1.80~2.20
SUP 9 0.52~0.60 0.15~0.35 0.65~0.95 0.65~0.95
SUP 9A 0.56~0.64 0.70~1.00 0.70~1.00
SUP 10 0.47~0.55 0.65~0.95 0.80~1.10 V:0.15~0.25
SUP 11A 0.56~0.64 0.70~1.00 0.70~1.00 B:0.0005 or above
SUP 12 0.51~0.59 1.20~1.60 0.60~0.90 0.60~0.90 -
SUP 13 0.56~0.64 0.15~0.35 0.70~1.00 0.70~0.90 Mo:0.25~0.35


Wire Wire Carrier Bar
Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM
I.D. 200MM ~ 1000MM Wire Carrier Width 420MM~1000MM Non Chamfered L 2M~6M
O.D. 400MM ~ 1200MM Chassis W 1300MM~1600MM Chamfered L 2.5M~4M
Packahing Method PE IN+PP OUT Wire Carrier Height 1000MM~1200MM Packing Method PE IN+PP OUT
Weight 40KG~2250KG Packing Method 300kg~2250kg Weight 250KG~2250KG
Roll Direction Weight        



Material Specification

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Mechanical Chart

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