S2 Alloy Tool Steel
A S T M — American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM A681 S2 , apply to wear-resistant and impact-resistant tool steel
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Material Description

Due to the addition of a large amount of silicone alloy, the material itself is more resistant to wear and impact, its strength and toughness is excellent, it is a top grade tool steel, its overall performance is better than CrMo, Cr-V steel, mainly used for screwdrivers, hexagonal hand, HRC hardness > 59

Main common material: S2

Manufacturing Process

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Car Tire Nuts

Special Forgings

Hardware Parts

Special Forgings


Chemical Composition Table

SAE Chemical Composition

S A E Chemical Composition: %
C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo Others
  0.40~0.55 0.30~0.50 0.030max 0.030max 0.90~1.20     0.30~0.60 V:0.50max


Wire Wire Carrier Bar
Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM
I.D. 200MM ~ 1000MM Wire Carrier Width 420MM~1000MM Non Chamfered L 2M~6M
O.D. 400MM ~ 1200MM Chassis W 1300MM~1600MM Chamfered L 2.5M~4M
Packahing Method PE IN+PP OUT Wire Carrier Height 1000MM~1200MM Packing Method PE IN+PP OUT
Weight 40KG~2250KG Packing Method PE內+PP外 Weight 250KG~2250KG
Roll Direction Counter Clockwise or Clockwise Weight 300kg~2250kg    



Material Specification

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Mechanical Chart

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