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Material Description

3D panel are lightweight materials developed based on the theory of composite materials.Theoretically, the strength is similar to that concrete panels; Moreover, its characteristic of light weight, cause it easier and faster to use in structural buildings. It can also reduce the weight of the structure itself, and has many features such as fire resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc.In the past, due to technical difficulties in production, this idealized lightweight wall plate has not been able to enter the stage of mass production(M/P).Now Tah Chung Steel Corp, has overcome this difficulty and is in the stage of producing large quantities, giving you a new option in building materials.We operate under ISO 9001 certified factory management and have introduced the patented production technology from Austrian company EVG.At present, we are able to mass produce 3D panel with precise specifications and stable quality.

Material Specifications

National Standards of the Republic of China(Taiwan) (CNS):
CNS 2535 Thermal insulation material made of polystyrene foam
CNS 2536 Method of test for thermal insulation material mad of polystyren foam
CNS 6919 Welded steel wire and bar fabrics
CNS 1468 Low carbon steel wires

Mechanical properties of 3D Lightweight Wall

3D Lightweight steel mesh wall panels produced by our company Expanded polystyrene (EPS) complies with CNS 2535.

Density kg/m3 Thermal conductivity coefficient (Mean temperature C 20±5) {kcal/m.H.℃} Flexural strength(MPa) Compression strength(Mpa) Water absorption(g/100 cm3) Combustibility
A type thermal baffle No.4 15↑ 0.043↓ 15↑ 5↑ 1.5↓ The flame disappears in 3 seconds, leaving no embers. and do not burn beyond the combustion boundary.

3D panel its main structure is welded wire reinforcement on both sides.Polystyrene EPS. which placed in the middle, and use galvanized steel with thicker wire diameter to diagonal trusses, leave oblique angle to intersect and shot through Polystyrene EPS.Welded on both sides of wire reinforcement by automatic machinery (EVG, Austria).The gap between the EPS plate and welded wire reinforcement can be precisely controlled, so that the cement mortar can be evenly sprayed on the layout.In addition, due to the use of diagonal galvanized steel to fix the EPS plate and welded wire reinforcement on the both sides, so that the sprayed 3D panel plate has a high degree of integrity and can bear large shear forces and bending moments.

Construction Specification

1. The width of the 3d panel is 1.2M and the length is customized according to the building height.
2. The joints between 3d panel and beams-columns must be fixed angle bar by expansion bolt or gunpowder nails (one per piece). Distance between the angle iron @ 60cm.
3. C-hooks should be fixed at the connection between the reinforcement net and the layout, the spacing should be every 15cm.
4. 3d panel version of the corner, doors and windows, openings shall be reinforced in accordance with the provisions, also detailed standard and detailed drawing.
5. Construction Note: After the completion of masonry rough bottom, curing for 7 to 10 days then monolithic finish.

Common production specifications

3D panel thickness 8, 10, 12, 14 cm.
EPS thickness 4, 6, 8, 10cm.
Any special requirements, we can provide customized specifications for production.

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