Chrome Vanadium Steel
1. SAE-Society of automotive engineers:6140 6150 6150
2. JIS -Japanese industrial standards:50BV30 40CRV
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Material Description

Chrome vanadium steel with good hardenability for deep quenching, less tendency to temper brittleness, good elevated temperature processability, good impact

Commonly used in: locomotive connecting rod, crankshaft, hand tool extension rod, socket, bolt, spring ( valve spring, piston spring, safety valve spring )

Commonly used materials: 50BV30, 40CRV (6140) chrome vanadium steel


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Truss Head Screw

Tool parts

Hand tools

All kinds of screws


Chemical Composition

SAE Chrome Vanadium Steel Chemical Composition

UNS SAE Chemical Composition %
C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo Other
G61500 6150 0.48~0.53 0.070~0.90         0.80~1.10   V:0.15 以上
  Chemical Composition %
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo
40CRV 0.38~0.43 0.15~0.35 0.60~0.90 0.030max 0.030max 0.50~0.70  




Material Specification

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Mechanical Chart

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