Free-cutting steel
1. SAE - American Society of Automotive Engineers: 12L14 1215 1144 2.JIS - Japanese industrial standard: SUM24L SUM23 SUM43
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Material Description

Free-cutting steel
Adding 0.10-0.30 of lead to carbon steel can improve the machinability of steel, due to lead isn’t dissolved in iron nor any state but can evenly distributed in the steel as monomer grains, while cutting formed the lead into solid lubricant cause the cutting become easy to break and does not affect its mechanical properties.
Adding 0.26-0.35 (1215MS 0.33-0.42) of sulfur to carbon steel will form MnS manganese sulfide, which make the cutting chips become fine lamellar or short intermittent chips, and improve the cutting properties and tool life.
Mainly used for: CNC lathe turning materials, products are widely used in a variety of parts.
Common used materials: 12L14 1215 1144


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Hardware parts

Square bar

Rod/Bar for turning



Chemical Composition
UNS SAE Chemical Composition %
C Mn P S
G11170 1117 0.14~0.20 1.00~1.30 0.030 以下 0.08~0.13
G11370 1137 0.32~0.39 1.35~1.65 0.030 以下 0.08~0.13
G11410 1141 0.37~0.45 1.35~1.65 0.030 以下 0.08~0.13
G11440 1144 0.40~0.48 1.35~1.65 0.030 以下 0.24~0.33
G12150 1215 0.09 以下 0.75~1.05 0.04~0.09 0.26~0.35




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