Boron Steel
1.SAE—Society of automotive engineers:10B21 10B33 10B38 15B21
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Material Description

Added boron into carbon steel, in order to enhance the hardness and strength of the original 1022 and 1038 carbon steels after heat treatment, the effect of improving heat treatment is obvious.

Mainly used in producing grade of 8.8-10.9 screws, bicycle pedal axle, center core, saddle bracket.

Common used materials:10B21、10B33、10B38、15B21


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Carriage bolt

Hardware parts

Hexagon socket screws

Bicycle pedal


Chemical Composition

SAE Carbon and Carbon Boron Hardenability-Steels(H steels)

UNS SAE Chemical Composition %
C Mn P S Si Others
H15211 15B21H 0.17~0.24 0.70~1.20 0.030 以下 0.050 以下 0.15~0.35 B:0.0005~0.003
H15281 15B28H 0.25~0.34 1.00~1.50
H15301 15B30H 0.27~0.35 0.70~1.20
H15351 15B35H 0.31~0.39
H15371 15B37H 0.30~0.39 1.00~1.50
H15411 15B41H 0.35~0.45 1.25~1.75
H15481 15B48H 0.43~0.53 1.00~1.50
H15621 15B62H 0.54~0.67 0.40~0.60


CSC Specifications - Boron Steels and Cr-V-B Steels
CSC Chemical Composition %
C Si Mn P S Cr V B
50BV30 0.27-0.33 0.10 0.70~1.00 0.030 0.030 0.30~0.50 0.10~0.15 0.0005


Wire Wire Carrier Bar
Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM Diameter 0.6MM~50MM
ID 200MM ~ 1000MM Wire Carrier Width 420MM~1000MM Non chamfered L 2M~6M
OD 400MM ~ 1200MM Chassis W 1300MM~1600MM Chamfer L 2.5M~4M
Packing Method PE IN+PP OUT Wire Carrier Height 1000MM~1200MM Packing Method PE IN+PP OUT
Weight 40KG~2250KG Packing Method 300kg~2250kg Weight 250KG~2250KG
Roll Direction Counter Clockwise or Clockwise Weight 300kg~2250kg    



Material Specification

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