Bearing Steel
1.SAE—Society of automotive engineers:52100
2.JIS—Japanese industrial standards:SUJ2
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Material Description

SUJ2 bearing steel

High carbon and high chromium alloy steel, C carbon 0.95-1.10, CR chromium 0.90-1.20 with bearing’s abrasion resistance, rigidity, hardness, anti-fatigue resistance and high strength.

Suitable for: general plastic mold, ball bearings, roller bearings, steel ball, shaft, guide pillar, guide tip, roller and other mechanical parts.


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Steel Ball

Cold forging screws

Hand tools


Chemical Composition
Chemical Composition %
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo
SUJ 2 0.95~1.10 0.15~0.35 0.50 0.025 0.025 1.30~1.60 0.08




Material Specification

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Mechanical Chart

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